Personal Essay : Friendship, And The Importance Of Friendship

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Friendship is the “bond between people who’ve made a similar commitment and who is possible therefore share a similar destiny” (Lickerman). Friendship is significant in everyone’s life. Humanity needs friendship in order to survive. It’s almost impossible for someone to never make a friendship. There is always someone out there that is similar to you.
Everyone defines friendship differently. Some traits are more important than others to some individuals. The main traits that I personally believe make a friendship stronger is trust, loyalty, empathy, honest, a good listener, and supportive. Trustworthiness is an extensive trait for me because I want to be able to trust my friends and not question their loyalty. Trust has been identified as the “most vital in the realm of friendships” (Degges-White). I want to be able to say that I trust my friends with my life and big decisions. Friendship also needs loyalty in order to stay strong. People want to be able to tell their friends a secret and trust they won’t disclose the information to someone else. This is especially important in high school where one small rumor can make or break people’s reputation. Often time rumors aren’t true but if it’s juicy enough, people don’t care. So loyalty is very crucial. Empathy is necessary as well. Some day’s people just need someone to listen to them and show some empathy. Which means a friend who can respond accordingly to the situation. Whether that means just listening to their problems
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