Personal Essay: Gym Class In Middle School

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Charlotte Oxnam
A personal Malady Essay
I never understood having gym class in middle school. Having to change into athletic clothes and then spend 40 minutes having a teacher explain an activity to you that you will never have enough time left in class to actually complete. But the worst part of gym class was the hell that was the locker rooms. Having to strip myself down, completely vulnerable, in front of all of my peers is one of the most terrifying things I have done in my life. It was even more terrifying as I wasn’t comfortable with my body. I didn’t have what I believe the picture perfect body was and I could’ve sworn all of my classmates did. I had curves and bumps. I had enough muscle to compete with any of the boys in my grade. I dreaded gym class with every fiber in my being and many times refused to get changed until all of my classmates were already out in the gym. I waited until they were all finished to go back and get changed back into our uniforms at the end of the day. That was the plan that Thursday; talk to Mrs. Bohaker until everyone left for dismissal, then go get changed. It almost worked, until I realized I had a meeting after school and needed to get changed quickly. So I rushed into the gym
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I deserve to be happy. I am in control of how I see myself and anyone who disagrees with that is not someone I want in my life. I’ve reached a much better place mentally than where I was. My self-image was something I battled with for all of middle school and I still battle it now. To truly change one’s opinion is an extremely difficult task. That day in the gym was when it all began. Two years later when I went to the doctor’s office was when I realized how bad it had become. Today is when I realize that I am in so much of a better place that I can write this all down, I can understand and reflect about my feelings in the past tense. I love myself and a month ago, a year ago, two years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to type that
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