Personal Essay: How Gibby Changed My Life

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My friend Madison Gibbs, also known as Gibby, is the definition of outstanding. She is hardworking, caring, and so very kind. She has never met a stranger in her life and treats everyone with equal respect. Her smile, which she wears everyday with ease, is simply contagious. No matter what may be going on in her life or how stressed she may be, Gibby is always smiling! She is extremely dedicated to her dreams and works hard to make them a reality; once she found out what profession she wanted to go into, Gibby took the most vigorous course load she possibly could in order to prepare herself for college this upcoming fall. Her course load for senior year includes classes such as pre-calculus, physics, and trigonometry. She participates in our…show more content…
Every day she inspires me, as well as everyone around her, to work a little harder, be a littler kinder, and smile a little brighter. If everyone could be as bold and courageous as Gibby, I am one hundred percent sure that this world would be a much better place to live in. Coming from a rural area in the south of the United States, there is only a handful of African Americans that attend our high school; however, Gibby does not limit herself to being friends with just the members of her same race. Despite skin color, gender, or sexual orientation, Gibby is kind to absolutely everyone and always makes everybody feel at home and welcome when they are around her.
In conclusion, Madison Gibbs is an extraordinary individual. She is accepting, devoted, and caring. These qualities, as well as her actions, inspire me to be a better version of myself. Because of her, I always remember to wear a big smile on my face. If she can overcome adversity on a daily basis and still manage to shine so brightly, so can I! Thanks to her, I know that good people still exist in this world and that life does not have to be so bad; however, Gibby’s largest contribution would have to be being a friend to all. I am extremely honored to call Miss Madison Gibbs my best
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