Personal Essay: How Liz Murray Changed My Life

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Liz Murray overcame colossal odds as she raised herself from being an independent homeless teenager who had barely participated in school to finishing high school in two years and attending Harvard. To do this Liz Murray had to have a lot of resiliency to the negative effects and obstacles attacking her like radiation every day. By comparison the challenges that I have faced in my life are microscopic compared to hers, however in terms of resiliency I would say we share about the same amount. Some obstacles that I have overcome in my life were going from bad grades to good between middle school and high school, better attendance between middle school and high school, and conquering my weakest subject math. To begin with I would like to start…show more content…
It was the fact that I had been often gone due to the cause of being sick for days at a time. Sometimes I had even missed school for a full week, this added to my bad grades. Liz Murray had missed a WHOLE chunk of schooldays herself, I was definitely however nowhere near as bad with attendance as that though due to this I had missed very important days such as before tests so when the test finally came I was ill-prepared or even when I missed tests and did not take it later on my own time due to my shyness. It had caused to me to be drawn further and further back for each day that I was gone I was missing more and more valuable information at school. To pass this specific obstacle I had vowed to myself that I would not take advantage of feeling sick as a meaning of not going to school or rather missing days at a time, I vowed that one or two was okay but no more and the rest I would have to go sick whether or not I was feeling bad. It took a lot of commitment to not overrule my own promises but in the end it worked. This has had a significant effect on my academic achievements as I no longer had to worry about falling behind heavily and digging back up to where the rest of the class had been. Such as Liz Murray I had made sure that attendance was now a priority that should be taken seriously and
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