Personal Essay : Hybrid Identity And Hybrid Identity

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Its easier to identify someone else, rather than ourselves. You may think you know yourself, but in reality you don’t. However, family does helps you define yourselves because they’re the first people that has an influence on you. I on the other hand have a completely different story. I’m completely different from my family, so the typical race, religion, gender, does not define me. I tend to identify myself through a hybrid identity (two or more cultures influencing one), volunteer work, and chronic illness because I find these things to be unique and more important than the basic answers you would get. So welcome to the world of Rameen, were everything is but the ordinary. What’s a hybrid identity? Hybrid Identity means two or more cultures having an influence on one self. I grew up in a Pakistani and American household, so things were a little more different than your typical household. For example, in my American household we celebrate a variety of things such as birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgiving, we even have a Christmas tradition. On Christmas me and my family would go look at the Christmas trees in downtown, Chicago because we couldn’t afford one. Then afterwards we went to look at the lights people put up on their houses specifically in Lincoln Park due to it being close by. The night would end with good food at any late night restaurant in the city. Whereas in Pakistani household those things are frowned upon and the only thing that is celebrated are
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