Personal Essay : Intro To College

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Intro to College
If you could somehow take all the anxious emotions in a person and ever so gently hand it back to them, I would have dropped mine today. Tomorrow is move in day. The day started out poorly to begin with because it was also my younger brother’s birthday. His name is Ayden, he is turning into a teenager, and couldn’t be more excited, all week he has been bragging to the youngest of our trio of siblings that “I’m gonna be thirteen Eian, that means I’ll be a teen like Devin!”. Ayden has dirty blond hair, and it looks like he had a bowl cut and just let it grow, so now his hair is 4 inches long and shaggier than ever. The best and most amusing part of his hair is that it never quite stays down in the right places, he was cursed
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She thought ahead and concocted a list of items that she believed I would need at my dorm.
As we begin to search for supplies around the house I immediately go to the drawer that we keep full of all our artsy items, including streamers and tissue paper. Luckily, Eian’s birthday was only a month prior, so we have left over decorations in the drawer that can be set up. We also find tablecloths and sparklers under the dinged up old hutch that resides in my living room. Now that we have our supplies, we need to plan. As for the outside, I grab the streamers and start to wrap the trees in blues, reds, and yellows. While I do that Nora struggles to hang a banner across a fence in my back yard that hides the back door from the road. I walk over and say, “Thank you for your help beautiful”, to which she replies “Anytime, but let’s get this over with though.”. We both continue setting up through the next few hours but time passes like a blur, constantly moving, constantly thinking, “How should we set up the tables?”, “How will they manage without me?”, “We need to hurry, time is running out and there is still so much to do”. Worry and doubt, masked by the busy façade I try to cover it with. At some point my Mum texted her boyfriend, and he appeared with a cake in tow, as well as some burgers and other party foods. At this point, now Ayden and Eian woke up and began helping us to Decorate for the party, not that they are doing much more than blow up balloons.
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