Personal Essay: Knowing The Social Norm

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Don’t know what people want, or what is expected,
I want to walk this life bare-naked, to remain undetected,
Questioning why people want me to act normal, to conform,
I feel puzzled and broken, not knowing the social norm.

I want to find the answers, so I am pondering,
Do not interrupt me, in my mind, I’m wandering.

When my thoughts are burning, itching,
Don’t want wounds that need stitching,
Sometimes when I am on the edge of safe,
At those moments, it’s love that I crave.

If you are not willing to throw me a bone,
I have nothing against you, just leave me alone.

Often I feel blue or directionless, yes,
The world obsessed with success, stress,
I want to feel connected and respected,
All I have is the impression of being rejected.

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