Personal Essay: Lessons From Cross Country

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Morals from Cross Country There is no doubt that there are many different morals found in cross country runners, but the two morals that I learned about and developed during my time in cross country is work ethic and leadership. There was no end to the lessons I learned and the progress I made in four years of cross country. Those are the lessons that stick with me and will continue to shape me as I go through life. It all started when I was a freshman in high school showing up to summer practices. The running part was no problem but I eventually began noticing how the seniors didn’t take much notice of any of the freshmen, myself included. These seniors weren’t leading by example, rather they were bossing the runners around and expecting…show more content…
I put into action different things I had thought of when reflecting on my leadership skills the previous seasons. I wanted to be the best I could be as a captain to be a role model for the incoming freshman and new runners. My work ethic improved drastically even from my sophomore year because I realized exactly how important leading by example is. If I didn’t put forth the effort to improve, why would the rest of the team when I told them to? That was the main question I always asked myself and reminding myself of that constantly made for a hardworking and dedicated team that I was proud to be a part of. I went into cross country with everything to gain and nothing to lose. That was a major help in forming myself into the role of team captain. Regardless of how hard it seemed at times I kept remembering that these weren’t just short term morals and things I was working toward; they would help me the rest of my life. No matter where I go in life and what I end up doing, I plan on continuing to have an admirable work ethic and aspire to be a good leader in whatever situation I’m thrown
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