Personal Essay: Lisa's Replace Mr. Bergstrom

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In “Lisa’s substitute” from The Simpsons, Lisa finds the substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, very smart and sensitive, in contrast with her own father. When Mr. Bergstrom leaves, Lisa doubts that anyone else in her life, including her father, can replace Mr. Bergstrom. However, I would never doubt that anyone else can be the man that my father is.
My father is the most special person in my life. He is a very intelligent and kind-hearted man. He runs his own business, and he works hard to support our family financially and emotionally. Although he is busy with work, he manages to make time for me and family. Every day, he takes out time for me to acknowledge my daily life and makes jokes that bring a smile to my face. My father has always been there for me at moments of joy and times of hardship. No matter how terrible the situation might seem, he always can look at the positive aspects of the situation and says, “Stay positive. Be happy. Don’t let the negativity ruin your day!” Therefore, whenever I face struggles and weaknesses, I remind myself that I am strong and live for the day.
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I can discuss everything with him without any hesitation. He let me vent about college and my friendships. At the same time, he opens up to me about his work and the hardships he has faced. However, there were times when I would disagree with him, and tell him that I hated him. When I was an early teen, I was being rebellious that I would throw emotional tantrums to my parents. And yet, my father managed to extend respect and offer appropriate freedom for me to move toward independence. He took advantage of teachable moments to help me identify and understand my feelings, so I could make better sense of my behavior, and continue to be a healthy and happy person throughout the
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