Personal Essay: Mercyhurst University

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Ambitious, adventurous, and persistent are words that people use to describe me. I am outgoing, hardworking, and always determined to get things done. My life has been nothing but easy. When I was growing up I went through many hardships my father left me and my mom when I was only two I grew up not really knowing who my father was because he left when I was so young. Growing up all I wanted was somone to call Dad. My mom struggled a lot with being a single mom, she was trying to raise two kids by herself, but she made it and I have to say she raised two pretty good kids, my brother is in the Army and is making his making something out of himself. I have turnd out to be a strong independent woman. My education is taking off I have achieved many things in high school, I have high standards for my educational goals I will not stop until I get the best education that I can have. I feel that Mercyhurst University will get me to where I want to be.
Forensic science is my passion. I
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Many years ago college wad jut for the elite and higher Class Americans, and most colleges did not accept women until the 1960s. Now that i have the opportunity to be able to go to college is truly amazing. College is my gateway to my future and geting accepted to Mercyhurst would put me one step closer to reaching all the goals that I have set for myself. I remember telling my mom in the first grade that I couldn’t read and I couldnt do it i was going to give up and I have never gave up and now reading is one of my greatest passions I never put down a book once I start reading it. Im not the kind of person that gives up i strive for the best. At Mercyhurst University I plan to major in forensic science field and after that get my masters degree. Also i would like to minor in Pre-law and one day go on to Law School and come out with a Law Degree so I could practice law and forensic
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