Personal Essay : My Career Essay

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Your Career in Psychology Introduction For the last 10 weeks, practitioner-scholars, including myself, I have embarked on a journey to clarify and relate our passions and interests to psychological practices and skills. As stated in previous assignments, my passion, for counseling, stems from living in a community where seeking counseling was not looked upon positively. The motto was, “keep your personal conflict between yourself and family.” In many cases, family members inadvertently gave bias and incorrect advice. The result lead to the individual feeling lost and more conflicted. I noticed this and became curious about how a professional counselor would respond. In addition, I became intrigued with the thinking, listening, and responding process of a counselor. I also felt that they achieve a lot with helping others and could achieve a lot more if people would be more open to speaking to them. Now that I have given background information, I will examine my interest, visions, and goals and how they impact my professional and academic journey in the psychological field. Vision and Goals With that being said, I believe that adults should feel comfortable talking to a counselor when they have issues. One of my goals is to become that person that individuals feel safe with speaking with. I want to use my sharpened skills and newly found abilities, from Capella University, to deliver quality services to adults with moderate mental health illnesses. I plan to
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