Personal Essay : My Career

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My Career in Psychology Introduction My Bachelor’s degree led me to an interesting place in my life in which I found myself sitting at a table with a vibrant and intelligent woman as she spilled her soul to me crying that she just did not know what to do. In that moment I felt the time freeze as I looked around and discovered that I was the person who she was looking to for answers. I was the person who was supposed to help her. I was a recent undergrad graduate with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Human Services but at that moment I was not sure that any of my classes had prepared me for this. This woman, my first client, was explaining to me that her two-year old great niece, who was living in her licensed foster home, was sexually acting out against herself. This woman wanted me to tell her how address these behaviors and how to help this sweet young girl but I had no answers. Of course, I was aware that sexual abuse happens but it was not a situation that I had encountered at this point in my career. Over the past nine months of learning this little girls’ story, I decided that I needed to do more. I decided that I needed to advocate for victims of sexual abuse and help educate children about the effects of sexual abuse and teach them that it is okay to come forward about what has happened to them. Of course, a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice is not enough for me help these young victims to my fullest potential. Before I can reach my goals, there is more
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