Personal Essay: My Dream To Be A Veterinarian

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My dream to become a veterinarian was not born from a wish to help and care for animals. It was merely a superficial fascination conceived in my young mind. But as time passed, this dream became fueled by the lack of care or compassion given to animals all around me. Although different from humans in more ways than one, animals were still living, breathing things – a similarity that should have negated all differences. It pained me to see how they were cared for with less love than humans. It was this that eventually became the reason I continued to pursue this career choice: to provide them the care, love and attention that they deserved even if no one else was going to do it. I was first exposed to working with animals when I volunteered…show more content…
While I was evidently amazed at the skill and precision at which the veterinarians dealt with the animals, what left a deeper impression on me was how they treated the animals. It didn’t matter whether it was a dog or cat, ugly or pretty, docile or fierce. All of them were still treated with the same amount of love and devotion to their health. Seeing this during my month-long stints in both institutions strengthened my wish to achieve my dream so that I could one day do the same for these animals. Despite the hard life it brought with its long working hours, it was something I could see myself doing long-term. A science student at heart, it was no wonder that I had chosen this career path. I loved Biology and Chemistry, both of which I did during my IGCSE and now, my A-Levels. It intrigued me to see how both sciences could be applied so readily to us and into the world around us. Both were so intertwined in how they formed the basis of life. Naturally inquisitive in how I always had to know what, why and how, nothing would be greater than to further delve into the world science and further widen my existing
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