Personal Essay : My Favorite Teacher

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My Favorite Teacher Many people assume that teachers are just people who come into our lives in order to teach us everything we need to know about a subject or two, before we move on to the next teacher and learn whatever it is we need to know next. That, however, is simply not the case. The best teachers, in my opinion, are the ones who become our friends, our mentors, and our inspiration. For me, these things were all accomplished by one person: my math and science teacher, Chris Price. I met Mr. Price my eighth-grade year, even though he did not teach any of my classes.
I went in one day after school for help with an English assignment in which we were instructed to interview somebody we were not extraordinarily familiar with. I used the assignment as an excuse to introduce myself to Mr. Price, who my sister was very fond of. I knew that the next four years of my life were going to be ones where I would seek to accomplish big things, so I wanted to seek out a teacher that I knew would be able to help me with that throughout high school. By the time I had gotten up from the interview with Mr. Price, I knew for certain that he would be that teacher. A few weeks later, I was asked a favor by Mr. Price. The junior class that year had asked Trader-Price, a band comprised of Mr. Price and his brothers, to provide entertainment throughout the banquet at prom that year. While preforming, they would need somebody behind the stage to make sure that the entire process was running

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