Personal Essay : My Identity And Personal Identity

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My Identity Self-identity is molded as a young age, but continues to change as we get older. This is something that as we are growing up do not realize. During a person’s lifetime, many of us pause to think what influences a person’s identity. What makes us the individual that we are? I would say that it is our home, where we live with our parents and siblings. Why do we have trust in certain things? Why do we believe the way we do? I would say it is based on the way we were taught and raised a set of opinions that have been instilled in a person since they were young. I would say there are three great influences in my life that makes me who I am today my parents, my religion and my culture. My upbringing has molded me into who I am today. Since I was growing up, my parents taught me about showing respect to everyone especially our superiors. My parents always taught us that being a good citizen in the community always identifies the individual as a good person. My parents taught us that when two adults are having a conversation to never interrupt. When someone was talking and if walking through was necessary, it is proper to say excuse me I need to walk through. Taking what does not belong to you. Helping a person out when it is needed. Learning patience and learning that sometimes the best thing to do is just to be quiet. An example I can say that I went through as I was growing up I was 10 years old it was the summer of 1984 when we had several family members move in to live with us and this is where their teachings came in place. We had my dad’s sister and her family come and lives with us until they could find their own place it was my aunt and her husband and her six children. They had 3 boys and 3 girls. My parents had 2 boys and 4 girls. We lived in a four bedroom home, so we had two families living together this is when I had to learn that when my parents would buy food I had to be considerate that there were other people living with us, learning to share. This is when I learned that I had to be patient and quiet. I learned that patient comes in when you have to learn to share your things with others and being quiet when
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