Personal Essay : My Journey As A College Student

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I am very excited to begin my journey as a college student. I live only a short distance away from Ann Arbor in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Similarly to you, I have moved around a bit. There’s a running joke in my family that I can only live in M states because I have lived in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Living in various places has strengthened my desire to eventually move out of Michigan, even possibly abroad. I hope to study political science and attain a law degree. Pertaining to me as a reader and writer, I have grown to love reading more over the years while writing has been the opposite. The immersive aspect of reading was the catalyst for my affinity towards it. Being able to feel a character’s pain or go on adventures alongside them is captivating. Many books have had a profound impact on my life. An example of this is To Kill A Mockingbird. The book has reaffirmed my personal value to fight for equality and justice even if it’s comes at a cost. In addition, the relationship between Scout and Atticus held resemblance to my relationship with my own father. On the other hand, I have waivered with my feelings towards writing. For the early stages of my schooling I truly enjoyed writing creatively and using writing as another form of expression. But, I struggled with writing junior year during my AP Language and Composition class. I wasn’t used to reading pieces of writing under the lens of analyzing why the writer wrote the way they did. Eventually with more practice I was able to develop this skill. I am looking forward to further using and refining this type of analysis this year. Personally, I think the biggest reason I am so nervous about writing is because I have low confidence in this area. I always doubt myself about if I interpreted a piece right or if my analysis is clear, among other things. Furthermore, my DSP essay had strengths and weaknesses. My essay had good use of evidence to support my main points. With every stance taken I ensured there was information backing my claim. I think I adequately analyzed the evidence I used, but the analysis could’ve been more clear and concise. The essay has sound points but I felt as if much of it was repetitive. I repeated some
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