Personal Essay : My Main Priority

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My main priority was to revise assignment three, the personal essay since it was more valuable than the other two major assignments I have written throughout the quarter. In this essay, I found a lot of defects that directed to the confusion to the reader to understand the truths of my life. In this essay, there were a lot of different techniques I learned such as changing a personal truth to a story in a piece of writing. Another technique, I learned was to make my essay better by including the environment and images in my essay. To make the audience see a better picture of the story and make them feel like they are doing the same actions as me. However, this essay has a very different style of writing than the other two major assignments I have written.
In this personal essay, the structure is very important to make the essay flow better for the audience to follow it. In addition, this is the assignment I spent most of my time writing and editing. In the first draft of this essay, I had the wrong structure because I wrote like a five paragraph essay where I had an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. For the first draft of my essay, I was supposed to mainly talk about my truths in my life, which I did not have it in my personal essay. However, after going to your office hours I found I was not supposed to write a five paragraph essay, but as a personal story essay about my truths. Then you told me, to “Write about an event where you learned to live by

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