Personal Essay : My Personal Goals For School

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I am super excited for this year and can’t wait for your class because you are a super nice teacher and seem really great. I’ve been at Pine Lake Prep since second grade and I have really loved it ever since. High school is definitely different than what I thought it would be like, but overall I think it’s super fun and by far my favorite building out of all of them. It might seem weird but truly I like school because I can show how organized I am with my school supplies. Shopping for school is probably one of my most favorite things to do over the summer. I like it so much because there are so many different kinds of pencils or pens to choose from. That makes it super fun for me to just adventure around the whole store searching for all these types of supplies. On the other hand some of my goals for this school year would have to be trying to get all straight A’s and getting better in every subject. Overall I feel that school is just a really important priority for me because you’ll need it for college and through life.

School is not the only thing I like because I really enjoy to dance as well. Dance is my passion that I hope to keep pursuing in the future. It allows me to be at peace and express my feelings. With dance I can just go to class and forget about school work and chores. I can just have fun with my friends and experience challenges together on the way. One main reason I love dancing is because I can share my feelings through dance to others and make them feel
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