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Dartmouth Admissions,

I’m sure Brandon’s resume is packed full of achievements, as he has had much success in a wide variety of areas including academics, music, debate, and table tennis, but what his resume cannot demonstrate are all of the reasons why I consider Brandon a friend. I would say Brandon and I became friends during gym class football. For the not so athletically inclined individuals like Brandon and me, gym can be the absolute worst part of the day, especially the football unit. Together, we were able to make the best of it. I remember this one day, I threw him the ball, and he didn’t catch it. It just bounced right off his glasses, but instead of being embarrassed, he just started laughing. The ability to laugh at our own …show more content…

He explained it clearly and without belittling me. He’s also isn’t too proud to ask me or our teacher for help when he needs it.

Brandon is also kind. He is very easy to talk to and if I have a question on anything, he drops everything and help me out. He’s like this with everyone he meets. Brandon and I are in the same Spanish class, and one of the other people in the class is new to our school this year and doesn’t speak English as his first language. Within the first week of school, Brandon befriended this student and mentioned to me that they started playing video games together, which they still do today. The thing is that Brandon wasn’t purposefully trying to be nice or take pity on the new student, he’s just naturally a genuine and friendly person. I’m sure when he asked me to write this letter he never would have thought this would come up, but very few people would be able to become friends with this student as easily and naturally as he did.

Also in our Spanish class, Brandon and I were partners for a persuasive essay we had to write, and he was a great person to work with. He offered a lot of ideas, but didn’t just take over the assignment. He listened to my points as well, and together we were able to talk through all of our ideas to expand upon them and include the strongest points we could in

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