Personal Essay On Ethiopian Culture

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There is an Ethiopian saying of that “Little by little an egg will walk.”I intrepret this as taking small steps to improving yourself in all aspects of life.At Rice University I will continue to implement this making everyday better than the one before My home has equipped me to be a problem solver.When I open the door to my home instantly take in the smells of cultural foods,decor brought over from my parent's "home",and the dialect that is spoken all remind me of my Ethiopian culture.I am my own ambassador.I say this because I am the first generation to be born in America,but this doesn't make me unique.The adversity that my parents faced made them grow stronger which influenced their parenting style with my siblings and I.My parents didn’t have the best parenting examples in their lives and had to reinvent parenting themselves single-handedly.I am my own ambassador to this new world that my parents…show more content…
I became used to doing things on my own and cooking was just another one of those things, this taught me how to handle my obstacles and make my own choices.I had to personally learn that a Pop-Tart and a Gatorade were not an appropriate lunch option when my first grade teacher told me at my lunch table.Making my own meals developed my creative side.I learned how to make decisions, whether if it was preparing a dish or on a class
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