Personal Essay On Happiness And Happiness

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It is human nature to want and desire certain things out of life. For the most part, people want the same things. No one is the same as anyone else but we all share the fact that we want to make our lives as good as we possibly can. There are many ways to achieve happiness and everything that is wanted out of life can make you happy. Whatever a person’s truest desire may be, if they obtain that desire they obtain happiness. All that is desired falls under “What will make you happy in life?” We long to be happy, but what gets us there? Happiness can come in a wide variety of things. Different things make different people happy. Seeing a cute dog can make me happy for a moment. Do we long to be happy one day at a time or are we longing to know we will never be sad? Assume every person on the planet has had their happy moments, there is always a deterrent. Always the next moment that can be taken in any direction and if you have experienced emotions then it is known. People may long to be happy but. I think no one can ever be one hundred percent happy for their whole life, but I think people can be content. There will always be moments that are not happy moments but there will always be another moment that can bring joy. I believe you can be happy with your life, even with those moments of other emotion. One of the main things that I want in life is happiness. What can make me happy are many different things. I long for happiness, and in that longing many things that have the
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