Personal Essay On The Light In The Forest

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Family Essay
Have you ever wondered what you would do without your family? Family plays a very important role on peoples’ lives. “Family isn’t just about whose blood runs through your veins. It’s about who never left your side, stood up for you, and believed in you.”- Adrian Brody. Not only does your family help you throughout your life, but they always believe, encourage, and support you regardless, even in difficult times. In The Light in the Forest, Mary Jemison’s personal narrative, and from my personal experience, there are many situations when your family never leaves your side, stands up for you, and believes in you! In The Light in the Forest, True Son’s Indian family never leaves his side. When True Son comes back from the
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Alas, my dear! My heart bleeds at the thought of what awaits you…” (Jemison 45). In addition, she doesn’t leave her adopted family to go back to the white people, because she was worried that the white people would treat her differently. In the text it says, “I had got a large family of Indian children that I must take with me; and that, if I should be so fortunate as to find my relatives, they would despise them, if not myself, and treat us as enemies, or, at least with a degree of cold indifference which I thought I could not endure” (Jemison ). Mary missed the white customs a little, but she was still willing to stay with the Indians for her children. Mary and her family always stood up for each other. Finally, from my personal experience, my family has always stood up for me and believed in me to do my best. When I was only six years old, my family took me to go ice-skating for the very first time. At first, I was very scared and I didn’t want to go on the ice for the fear of falling. However, my mom told me to believe in myself and I finally got the courage to enter the ice rink. At first, my mom held my hand for balance, but eventually, I got the hang of it and it was a really exciting experience. If my mom had never encouraged me to go ice-skating, I would have never known how fun it is. Whenever I needed help, my family always supported me and encouraged me to achieve my goals. There were many times that the people in The Light in the
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