Personal Essay On Youth Sports

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Youth Sports James plays for the number 2 boys and girls club in Washington DC. James plays for the 10 and under team. He is the teams point guard. James and the team played number 10 boys and girls club on January 30, 2016. James was a key player in the team’s success that game. The parents made him seem like he was already in high school. They would cheer and slap hands with everyone around them win he made a shot. They would yell to the coach, to make sure their son had the ball in his hands if they wanted to win the game. The father would yell when has son missed a layup “you owe me some push-ups after the game”. The coach did not seem like he was too worried about the kids having fun. He would yell and call plays out to the kids.…show more content…
The reason why is because they were stalling. The players on the bench were clipping for their teammates. They were laughing once they had a big lead in the score. It’s a rule that every player has to play. So everyone got in the game. It did seem like there were times when the coach would put a player in for a few minutes, then take the player right back out. As the game went on the bench players stay on the floor more. I was comfortable just because I was used to it. The same thing was going on when I played for the boys and girl club when I was younger. We had parents talking to the coach and the players during the game. I remember I had someone dad tell me that I better make my free throws and whip that smile on my face. My coach did not take it easy on us because we were young. My coach never yelled at us that was the differences. We did not run plays on offense. As far as the value I think the coach believed winning is everything. I think he wants his players to know hard work pays off. I asked James after the game what did he like about basketball? He smiled and said he like making shots. He likes the way it made him feel. He likes that he gets to play with his friends from
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