Personal Essay: Overcoming Obstacle

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I had no idea where I was. Despite my blurred vision, I soon recognized the sound of an operating heart monitor machine. I tried to rub my eyes, but the wires connected to my arm restrained my movements. As I recovered my vision, I recognized the ICU room and my father standing beside me. He gently covered me, swallowed his tears, took a deep breath, and told me what had happened. While he was speaking, some moments of the incident gradually started coming to me, and it all began to make sense.
Three months before waking up in that hospital bed, I saw a Le Parkour performance in a park on a summer afternoon. Seeing the professionals jumping, climbing and balancing motivated me to start practicing some of those movements with my friends. Even though I was the group leader, I would still limit myself to basic acrobatics. My friends saw that as the fear of getting hurt, which was actually true to an extent. They failed, however, to notice my much more daunting obstacle: the fear of failing, especially in public.
This extreme concern with social judgment shaped not only the way I used to practice Parkour but also the way I used to live. I would avoid asking questions in front of my classmates, discussing delicate subject with my relatives, and even talking to someone who I
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I was certain I did not want to jump, but my fear of being called a coward left me no choice. I jumped and ended up laying on the floor with a fractured skull. After being unconscious for a day, I woke up, recognized my failure, and started counting the seconds for the humiliation to begin. Fortunately, over the weeks which followed the incident, my classmates did not judge me for my fall. Instead, they comforted me during my whole recovery time. Their care helped me realize that there would always be someone to support me whenever I
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