Personal Essay : Person A Thinks He's Always Right?

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Person A thinks he’s always right. Last week, he broke his arm because he jumped off his roof. “It’s okay though,” he says. “It was just a dare.” Today, he’s not in school because he was caught smoking weed. When confronted, his reply is ready: “ It’s not a big deal; It was just one time.” On his birthday, he almost killed someone; he was driving and he didn’t see the stop sign because he was arguing with his girlfriend. Tomorrow, he will continue, as he says, “being himself.” He will take it as a challenge to exceed his previous “achievements.” Person B thinks about all the times her mom was right. I wish I took her advice when she was still around, she thinks. Last week, she completed her first marathon. It started off as a dream but now…show more content…
Not only did Romeo kill himself for no reason, but Juliet followed with the same ignorance. Although the theme of teenagers making foolish decisions is relevant during the 1600’s, choices made by modern teenagers prove that this theme still exists today. Kyle Morgan is a striking example of the reckless decisions made by teens: “So there I was highly intoxicated, barely able to stand, with one shoe on and they thought it was a good idea to tell me to drive...the only thing I remember is leaving the party and then waking up 5 days later in a hospital not knowing how I got there” (“The Story of…”). Kyle Morgan was both a victim and a perpetrator of a horrifying drunk driving accident. That night, he made a choice to drink alcohol and drive home; eventually, he faced the consequences: “...I lost control of the car I was in and got ejected out of the drivers side window and when I landed over 100 ft away I broke my neck at a c5c6 level which left me paralyzed from the shoulders down” (The Story of…). Driving provides an opportunity for teenagers to make poor choices. Not only that, but many teens also make the horrible choice to drink underage. Unfortunately, Kyle Morgan is not alone in teenage drunk driving. According to the CDC, “Among male drivers between 15 and 20 years of age who were involved in fatal crashes in 2014, 36% were speeding at the time of the crash and 24% had been drinking.” (“Teen Drivers: Get…”). By choosing to drive
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