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Personal development Career Essay. S12770420 Obtaining a degree in psychology can open a very diverse path in both the arts and science fields and can form a flexible and adjustable basis for a wide number of careers. After obtaining a psychology degree, you can enter into a non-chartered career, which includes teaching, counselling, human resources and careers advisors. Further study can lead to obtaining a Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) and becoming a chartered psychologist, which can lead to chartered careers ranging from forensic, counselling, clinical and educational psychology. Having a psychology degree does not limit a person to only psychology related careers; in fact only 20% of all UK psychology graduates go onto to become psychologists (Lantz, 2011). Psychology graduates excel in jobs that require them to engage with a range of complex issues and develop a strong understanding of areas that may be new to them in a relatively short space of time. These careers include advertising, marketing, banking and insurance, law and management consulting. The chosen career that I will follow is a teacher in secondary school. Secondary school teachers teach one or two national curriculum subjects to pupils aged between 11-18. Teachers support, observe and record the progress of their class. They also plan lessons in line with national objectives. A career as a teacher involves interaction with students, parents and teachers. It entails work in offices, lecture
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