Personal Essay : Personal Experience Of A Good Friend

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We all have at special someone that has always been there for you. Someone who would jump in front of a train for you. Andrew a good friend of mine has always been there for me. He showed me that you are never going to make everyone happy, you can't stretch yourself too thin, and he taught me how to follow my dreams not anyone else's. First off the one lesson that he showed me is that you are never going to make everyone happy. Everyday I would be asked to do this and to do that by all different kinds of people. Well doing all those things got in the way of family, school, friends, and my health. For Example one day a good friend of mine asked for a ride home which was out of my way but I didn't want her to have to walk alone so i said yes then my gram asked me if I would come fix her tv which took me an hour to do then my pap who lives in bellwood asked me to come up and fix his wifi so his printer would work. However I only had one hour to go to Bellwood fix his stuff then hurry and go to band practice which was until nine. Then afterwards I had homework, and a room to clean. So I start to hear my phone go off so I pulled over and answered my phone only to hear my older sister ask me to drive her to walmart. By the time we got back Andrew was sitting with my parents in the living room and it was eleven at night. So I walked to my room started cleaning my room, and doing homework and it was three in the morning and I was exhausted. I started to cry and Andrew had asked

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