Personal Essay: The Progressive Movement

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As awoken from my sleep , I look up and saw the beautiful sun rise that gives me faith that one day my abhorrent life would end. Work was about to start as me and the other boys gathered around and kiss parents as if was our last time. I always fear death even more than pain because I knew i might die one day in the coal mines because that was dangerous place for children like me. I do long hours and I don’t complain and there wasn't anywhere else to go but to support this horrendous job that barely pays me to little to buy any food. A beaker boy was one of the many jobs during the 1800s that was unhealthy, unsafe, and had no protection. Many children, men , and woman suffered during that time. Lucky there were group of people who wanted change and wanted to make a difference and that was the progressives. A progressive are a group where favoring social reform in other words new liberal ideas to help the poor people. As a progressive I have decided to give $600,000 to child labor, $300,000 Food safety, and $100,000 to woman suffrage.
I decide to give $600,000 to child labor first because I feel that is the most important one for me because children in young age are working really hard and they're getting
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A woman should have equal rights as men do women aren't different than man a girl can do men jobs in fact maybe even better. Men see women as housewives in other words toys and that something I want to change for the future generations. Women are fighting for the right to vote and we should give it to them they want to have a voice in our society and give there only opinions as well. Men think we aren't capable of many things if we had chance to vote we can prove them wrong. Women are tired of this they wanted change ,a difference, and new begin for the you daughters to be something else other than
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