Personal Essay: Theatre Analysis

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“Aren’t you a little old for that?” “Isn’t that for little kids?” “You need to grow up.” There comes a time where everyone hears those words. It normally happens when you get into high school. Teenagers try to ditch their childish image just as Miley Cyrus tried to ditch her Hannah Montana image. Those young adults are trying to remove the “young” part and prove they are just adults. I never personally went through that phase myself. Of course, I matured and acted like a professional when I was expected too. However, I never stopped loving the things that might be considered weird for a high school student to do in his free time. I still watched cartoons and played with bubbles and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. I didn’t see anything wrong with these enjoyable hobbies even though it made people look at me strange or tease me in the halls. I never really got over the enjoyment of acting immature in a mature way. However, I felt like I was out of place at times. It wasn’t until my the end of my junior year that I decided to say “screw it” and break the status quo of feeling ashamed of enjoying the happiness of life. I had been involved in the theatre program for almost two years. The state theatre competition was coming up and my theatre troupe decided to do a modern telling of Peter Pan as our one act play. My theatre team and I were…show more content…
I look around and see my teammates still eating the collected candy and giggling to themselves. The back of my head still aches a bit but I other things on my mind. I looked back at all the fun I just had with my closest friends. The stage lights come on and we take our bows. I realize at that moment that we should always feel the way we do now. I remember that being a child is fun and that we should never forget that. We may still have to grow up and be responsible. However, we should always stay young at heart and remember to always enjoy life, even if people think bad of
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