Personal Essay: Urgent Care Life

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“Oh, she’s the one who’s always injured.” That's correct, I have the luxurious ‘talent’ of finding myself in urgent care, usually with a little something either a bit broken or in need of stitches. I play a couple sports, so imagine how ecstatic coaches are when almost every year I wind up on the bench unable to play? Whenever I'm confined by a brace or crutches all I hear is "Again?" by my friends and family. Growing up with only ten fractures, some stitches on various parts of my face, and a few sprains, I learned to treat each impairment as a new experience. Rather than feeling down in the dumps because I couldn't do anything while hurt, my inner Black Knight thought "Tis' but a flesh wound" and I channeled my extra energy into finding ways to quicken my recovery. I still recall a time in seventh grade where I attempted to remedy my fractured ulna for…show more content…
Then came my school's career unit and I was puzzled between choosing a life focused on medicine or sports. That is, I was stuck until God blessed me with another injury during sophomore year. I can still remember the snap I felt as I landed awkwardly during an away game against Newark Memorial high school. Good news was that we won, bad news was that I was out of commission with a Grade II sprained ankle and a small avulsion fracture.
On my trek for some magical way to heal quickly, I went from place to place until a physical therapy clinic was recommended to me. Despite my multiple run-ins with the laws of physics, it was my first time going to physical therapy (PT). I met with one of the therapists there, and we began the torture session where she massaged my swollen ankle and tender lower shin. We finished with a couple exercises such as balancing on foam pads and ended with soothing bags of ice and electric stimulation.
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