Personal Essay: Western White Family

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I have lived my entire life in San Clemente, the “Spanish Village by the Sea" a small beach town in Orange County California. Many might remember the town when it gained notoriety during President Nixon’s administration where the president vacationed at his home located in San Clemente, it became known as the “Western White House”. While the town has a number of shopping and living communities the central location is main street in old town that takes you down to the Pier and beach. It is lined with restaurants and shops. The homes are varied from old 50 style ranch houses, million dollar mansions, next door to 70 style old apartments packed with people and new development in the surrounding hills.
Orange County is known for being conservative,
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For example, my parents have instilled in me a strong work ethic and a willingness to make sacrifices for others. My mother has a job in sales for a large software company, and my father is employed as a mechanical engineer for a small company that makes outdoor displays. My father works long hours on challenging projects; he leaves for work every day at five in the morning and comes home late in the evening. My mother travels frequently and has a busy schedule, yet seems to always find the time to get me to practices, meetings and doctor’s appointments. She has a knack for juggling it all. They are motivated by their desire to provide me with a better life than they had growing up.
My community and family have contributed to making me the tolerant and compassionate person I am today and helped shape my goals for my future. I value the opportunity to continue on with my education and look forward to attending college and earning a degree in Engineering. In addition to focusing on my academics, I am looking forward to participating in the NROTC program, joining clubs and participating in community service
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