Personal Essay : When Parents DonT Know Best

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When Parents Honestly Don't Know Best In today’s world, one of the most damaging thing parents can do is neglecting their child's well-being. Especially when it comes to mental health issues and any other type of medical issue. It's almost along the same lines as the over opinionated “soccer mom” or “hockey dad”, but when forcing your child suffer from not getting the proper medical or psychological support it's a lot more damaging for the child. Just because someone is a parent, honestly doesn't make them an expert on every aspect of their children. Let's be honest, how many of us have heard parents say things such as. • I don't believe that doctors have my child's best interest • My child does not medication, what they need…show more content…
In doing that, there self image goes down the drain because they think that they are the bad person for contradicting their parents. When in fact, it's actually bad parenting. There's also the developmental side, by not giving your child the proper tools and resources, in order for them to have a healthy well balanced life. You are doing absolutely nothing, other than taking away from your child reaching their full potential. Then there's the psychological aspect, like I have stated in my previous articles. When you do not deal with psychological issues, not only does the original issue get worse, but due to not treating it. The person gets other psychological problems and makes treating something, that much more complex. Considering the fact, that if the parent let the child get help in the first place their child would have had the resources and tools to help them lead a normal balanced life. When parents make excuses for not letting their children, by saying things such as “I'm the child's mother, no doctor can me what is good for my child”. All they are doing by making excuses, instead of getting proper medical, therapeutic or pharmaceutical treatment for their children. Is making excuses for their serious lack of understanding and education regarding this issue, and avoiding taking ownership of how what they are doing is causing short term and long term, damage to their

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