Personal Essay: Why I Choose The Medical Field

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The reason that I choose the medical field is because since I was a child, I've always helped my mom who suffered from MS. Her condition made her suffer from not being able to a lot of things on her own such as, cooking cleaning and bathing herself. My mom had multiple strokes in her lifetime that would cause her not being able to take care of herself. I would definitely say that you will have to be a strong person to help take care of those in need. It has prepared me for all the ups and downs which An RN will have to endure in their career such as learning how to handle people who cannot care for their self's. it made it easier for me to choose what I wanted to do in life. Especially preparing for her death. On January 16, 2016 my mom's fight with MS finally ended. I watched her lay there which one of the hardest…show more content…
The career of an RN interests me because I think it’s not something that I would be bored with, and I’ll always be learning new things on the job. The duties and responsibilities are providing direct patient care, presenting health information to large groups of people, performing emergency procedures, managing many other nurses in teaching hospitals and doing research in universities. IN order to become a registered nurse, of course, you must go through the proper schooling and training. A two year school offers programs that will let you become a registered nurse, as well as some four year schools. To become a registered nurse an individual must graduate from an approved school of nursing and pass a state exam. Nurses may receive a diploma from a hospital, school or nursing, an associate’s degree from a community college nursing program, or a bachelor’s degree from a four year
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