Personal Essay on Pharmacist

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Most of my after school memories from childhood consist of doing homework at the local pharmacy where my mother works as a clerk. I suppose I was exposed to the field of pharmacy far before I realized my aspiration for being a pharmacist. At the time, a teacher was what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” Yet, distinctly I can remember curiously asking about what exactly happened behind the counter – perhaps it was an early sign of my passion. However, it wasn’t until later that I came to the realization that I wanted to be a pharmacist. My epiphany came gradually as my grandfather was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s around the time I started middle school. Since he lived next door, I experienced first hand the tough situation of caring for an ill loved one. Through that journey, especially after loosing him, I discovered my zest for not only helping the sick but also developing a close relationship with the patient as well as their caregivers. So much positive and uplifting encouragement was given to my family from medical providers during my grandfather’s illness that from that moment I knew my calling in life was to be one of the smiling, helpful, and supportive faces behind the pharmacy counter. To be that person for another family or patient, to me, would be an absolute honor and lifelong fulfillment. Apart from my grandfather being my inspiration and motivation for my goal, I also feel I am qualified for the position. Experience volunteering behind the
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