Personal Ethical Principles Of Personal Ethics Essay

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Personal ethics are continuous developed throughout an individuals life, adapting to new knowledge, and refining as you age. To me, personal ethics are defined as a set of governing principles based on what one thinks is morally correct. They are presented through the person’s behaviors, actions, and beliefs. My personal ethics have been and still are developing due to my family, friends, environment, and intrinsic thought. Each individual has their own set of ethical beliefs that, thought out the coarse of their life, they must establish for themselves. A person’s moral guidelines should not be defined for them from an external source. This would limit their moral maturation and may not be the ethical principles that they would have otherwise concluded from. Socially ethical presumptions are often blurred in with legality, which proposes grayed areas where businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of an unsuspecting clientele or peers.

One the of the main contributing factors to my development of personal ethics was the environment I grew up in, including my family and peers. My childhood environment created the structure for my present day ethical criteria. It taught me the principles of what some of my ethical behaviors would included. Although, it was not until I was older, that I understood why I should hold myself to a high moral standard. My Pparents, Nanette and Kory, taught me from a young age that should always treat others with respect, even when it

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