Personal Ethics : An Ethical Person? Cheating On Taxes, Exams, Relationships

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Personal Ethics:
What does it mean to be an ethical person? Cheating on taxes, exams, relationships, etc., seems to be rampant. Is this a problem? Why or why not?
Personal ethics is the generally accepted principles or practices of right and wrong governing the conduct of individuals. To be simple, personal ethnic is the internal guide that tells us what is right and wrong. They drive our actions and emotions on o daily basis. Some people may be appearing similar set of personal ethics, but some people may have completely different sets. There are five major influences of personal ethics are: family influences (people), religious beliefs (religion), culture, experience (law), and internal personal reelection (philosophy). On the other
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Cheating on exams is also very common in colleges and universities. Some students never study hard but can still pass the exams easily by cheating! Nobody knows the mumber of cheating on taxation. But it must be a lot, because the IRS says unreported income costs the U.S. Treasury $250 billion or more a year in lost taxes. Cheating on taxes is unethical. Three Views on the Ethics states the one cheating on tax is always, or almost always unethical. There are basically three ethnic views for this belief. The first views are the belief that individuals have a duty to the state to pay whatever taxes the state demands. This view comes from the belief that individuals should conform to majority rule. The second views for cheating on tax become unethical duty is because the individual has a duty to other members of the community. This view holds that individuals should not take advantage of the services the state provides while they don’t contribute to the payment of those services. This view come from the belief that if the one who cheating on tax do not pay their tax, then the others who obey the law must pay more than They should on the their tax. It is unfair and otherwise unfair means unethical. The third view is that we owe a duty to God to pay taxes because God has
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