Personal Ethics And Morality And Truth

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Growing up I was raised very one sided, my family raised me Muslim so everything I was learning was what they believed was right; never questioning my stance or anything. My ethics and morality were simple, whatever my parents believed I believed; no questions asked. With them right and wrong were very clear, if it went against our beliefs it was wrong, if it did not it was right. However, as I grew older and distanced myself apart from my family, I started to think more for myself and less for others, questioning everything being said and figuring out what beliefs were mine, and what were others handed down to me. I started forming my own opinions, and defining myself as more than just my religion. For me, decision and the truth all depend on the context of the situation. In my nineteen years on this earth I have determined that everyone’s stance on what morality and truth is, are all based off their background, how they were raised, and their own personal ethical standards. Ethics or moral philosophy is the part of philosophy that involves defending, and recommending what is right and wrong; it investigates the questions "What is the best way for people to live?" and "What actions are right or wrong in particular circumstances?" hence my point in the beginning that it is all about context. For example, at work I have recently been promoted to media manager, now some reasons for this could be because I do my job, I listen when needed and I assist others. However, it is

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