Personal Ethics Development Essay

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Ethical behavior and development are traits and skills that are always improving. Although the skills are improving the basic make up remain the same. The ability to incorporate character, morals, and values encourage a person’s ability to enhance the ethical behavior of an individual. This paper will define the ethical system used to best develop a person, discuss the potential effect that can become beneficial to the corporate environment and explain why organizations need ethics within the company.

Ethical System
Born into a single parent family character, values, and ethics became a part of life in the hope of becoming the best person possible in society. Mother thought that character, values, and ethics could keep her
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Working in Corporate America however allowed these skills to become refined.
Working in Corporate America encourages the growth and development of positive ethical behavior. The company encourages accountability in the form of character, values, and ethic. As a part of enhancing ethics behavior, the company has company ethics that require an individual to use the person ethics given to them as a child. Working in a department with an assortment of people encourages the understanding of privacy and respect to others. The department contains banking information and personal company data confidentiality and responsibility is strongly encouraged. By growing up with two brothers, an individual thinks that the area is a perfect fit for a duty based ethical system.
With the duty, based ethical system an individual can become empowered though, the skills taught to them throughout life. These skills are to respect other along with yourself, tell the truth no matter how bad the outcome is. Although this system expects acceptance from an outside party, the acceptance is what that person considers an encouragement to continue value the skills that they are doing. An individual enhancing their ethical skills also wants to grow within a business or use the skills obtain to start a business where the requirements of ethical behavior will come into play.
Organizational Needs
Working for a Fortune 200
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