Personal Ethics: Development of My Personal Ethical Philosophy

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Personal ethics: Development of my personal ethical philosophy When I was fairly young, I tended to see ethics in black-and-white terms: everything was either wrong or right. When I entered the world of business, however, I began to understand that behaving in an ethical fashion is a continual challenge, given the different obligations one is subjected to on a daily basis. For example, what if my boss, to whom I have an obligation, asks me to perform an unethical action as part of my job? What if I am asked to bend the rules for a client? A worker must have a strong sense of his or her character and personal values, and those of the larger organization as a whole, to respond effectively to these ethical challenges. I have seen examples of this phenomenon both in private, for-profit organizations, where I began my working career, and also in government service, the arena in which I have worked for fourteen years. One early example of an ethical challenge I faced was when an employee under my supervision was confronting a personal crisis and having difficulty completing her work. On one hand, I wanted to act with compassion towards the employee as a human being; on the other hand I had a duty as a supervisor and to the organization's stakeholders to see that work was accomplished. In such instances there is seldom a perfect solution. Some ethical theories stress the need for employees to serve a firm, and as they are employed 'at will,' their productivity rather than their
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