Personal Ethics

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Personal ethics
What personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to your worldview and philosophy of nursing? How do these values shape or influence your nursing practice?
Ethics and values form the basis of nursing. Nurses provide nursing care by preventing illness, reducing suffering and promoting restoration of health in individuals, families, societies and communities. Nursing involves technical skills and abilities, duty and service to others with compassion and efficient decision-making. Nursing care ensures in meeting the needs of patients and their families during the care to relieve from the consequences of sufferings. Nurses have to be vigilant enough to assess and assure to avoid unwanted treatments leading to patient
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These ethical codes are not just for clinical roles but also for their personal roles. Patients are the focal point in nursing care. Nurses’ role is to ensure efficient and compassionate nursing care with relief in pain. Personally, I may be against abortions or unwanted use of drugs but have to comply with ethics and support the physician rather than completely refusing to contribute and overcoming the ethical dilemma (Dinh, 2012). Values and virtues are emphasized as an appreciation of moral respect of nurses as well as the patients. Ethics guide me to serve the needy irrespective of their socioeconomic conditions in promoting health and alleviating pain. The balance between personal values and the values of the nursing profession brings wholeness of the character. Nursing depends on identifying dignity of self as well as that of the patient. The common reason for these codes, values and virtues is to provide efficient compassionate patient care with reduced suffering. Nurses with compassion and cultural knowledge deem to be committing towards health care for people, community and nation (Dinh, 2012).
Reflect and share your own personal thoughts regarding the morals and ethical dilemmas you may face in the health care field. How do your personal views affect your behavior and your decision making?
Values and ethics set the guidelines for conduct. Knowledge of these ethical concepts would enable one to understand and solve the

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