Personal Ethics Paper

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Personal Ethics Paper
Fernando De La Peña Llaca
April 11, 2011
Thomas Poole

Personal Ethics Paper
Ethics plays a big role in my life and also in my company, skip ethics in any situation can means a shortcut, a shortcut to a dead-end. Ethics is the way the morale and values prevail and using ethics in life brings big rewards.
Because I am beginning a new stage in my life, especially in my academic life taking a master’s degree at University of Phoenix there is no difference; ethics will play a big role in this stage of personal improvement. The Student Code of Academic Integrity is a guide to understand the code of ethics of the university and match this ethics with my own principles to apply it during my studies at
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So it is not something that I pretend to do and also is not something that I can suggest to any student.
Copyright infringement for me, because I have some patents, is like somebody using my inventions without permission. It is stealing something that is intellectual property and as I described in the beginning, creating something takes too much hard workand is not fair that somebody uses it without proper authorization.
Ethics is something that defines us like human beings because we use honor like a tool trying not to use a personal code of ethics is like not acting like humans. Because we are in a university again, using our personal code of ethics with the university Student Code of Academic Integrity will make us at the end better human beings.

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