Personal Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics is the study of how humans are in relationships with themselves and others (2012). Strong ethics comes from building community, respecting others, serving others, showing justice, and manifesting honesty (2016). With the ethical lens inventory, I believe in looking at relationships and life through a blend of responsibilities, rights and results. These ethical lenses are why I like to use my personal reasoning skills and intuition to balance between living into my flexible principles and determining the greatest good for individuals. My ethical perspective is based off personal experiences, thought and my community, per Catharyn Baird in Everyday Ethics (2012), they are my beliefs and how I choose to see situations. In the end, this…show more content…
When I first came into the position I was trained under a top performer and this was her first-time training. She took me under her wing by being easy-going and showing me how the system worked and not just what I had to learn to do the job. After a month of training I was on my own and scoring as a top performer month-to-month and enjoyed the recognitions. But, I should contribute the reason I was performing well was partially due to something I learned and I felt like it was cheating. My trainer gave me advice to enter all the promise to pay dates I received instead of by that day the borrower had stated, move the promise to the end of the month. My other option would have been to follow the instructions they had recorded in the employee handbook and discussed occasionally during daily meetings, but they never seemed to express that entering a promise to pay by the eom (end of month) was not allowed and truly a no-no. I had a routine personal meeting with my supervisor once a day to get performance numbers and any call outs of what I did wrong the day before, like not noting a waived late fee or spending too much time on a call. My supervisor never did bring up me using the end-of-month tactic, I assumed it was because they also had performance metrics based on how well their team was doing, so I continued to use it. When examining the dilemma from many different perspectives,

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