Personal Ethics Statement

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Associate Level Material Appendix I Critical Thinking Worksheet Chose one of the following scenarios: You are a member of a group working on a class project. The group members are enthusiastic about the project and arrange a meeting time to begin planning. You forget to mark your calendar and miss the meeting. The group posts a summary of the meeting with assignments and deadlines for the project. You apologize to the group and agree to complete the topic research for the project. You realize you have a paper due in another course on the same day your research is due and concentrate most of your time on your individual assignment. The paper takes longer than you thought, and you are unable to conduct research for the group…show more content…
I am an honest person who does not like to fall short of my responsibilities and I should go to the group and make up for it. I need to manage time better and focus on things that I have to do for school before I think of my social life. What process did you follow to come to your conclusion? One process is to manage time better. By being able to manage my time, I can accomplish my assignments in a timely manner before any deadlines. There are many events that go on each day, work, school, and other personal duties, and each takes their time. Everything in this scenario comes down to time management, personal responsibility and integrity. In this scenario, I failed my group and myself by making excuses for why I was unable to do my part. I should have taken my personal time, found other resources and completed my part of this assignment so I was not taking credit for the work of others. How do you think your biases and emotions influenced your choices? * * My emotions affected my choices as I don’t like to think of myself as the one to take credit for the work of others or to let others down. I was always taught to do my own work, do more than others and to be the person others turn to when they are unable to do their part. Everyone has something happen once in a while with limits their ability to accomplish
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