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Running head: Personal Ethics Statement Personal Ethics Statement My personal code of ethics is Equality and Sensibility. I believe in a predictable system that assures the well-being of all, especially those without power, is a just system. As a wife, mother, nurse and a member of a community, I strive to do the best I can in every aspect of my life. As a mother, I strive to be a good role model to my children and teach them the fundamentals of life. I strive to be able to give a solid foundation and an easy path to life whether it be school, finding who they want to be as they grow older and for a productive future. As a nurse, I strive for equality of care for every patient and to be able to be their voice when they are not…show more content…
I assure that systems and processes are coherent, uniformly followed, and they protect the least advantaged without creating undue burdens for the rest. For example, I once had a patient who was diagnosed with HIV; it was because he’s a homosexual and a heroin addict for years. The nurses, having this information was afraid of him and basically blames him for being in the situation he is in now. I felt that it was wrong that they felt this way and asked them to at least erase the fear they have for this patient and give him the dignity and respect he deserves and to treat him just like they would any other patients in the unit. I believe that the behavior and character traits that I consider particularly important and ones that I want to develop further are authority and tradition. According to my ethical lens inventory that I tend to think through a problem carefully and research options. Pays particular attention to the experts on the subject and what others in my role have said or done. My goal is to a have fully informed decision and to meet the needs of others, without harming the least advantaged. Although I consider what others I respect have done in similar situations, I remain flexible and can craft a unique or novel solution when necessary. For example, decisions that involve family matters we make as a family. Any problems or crisis in the family, I strive to solve with the participation of every member of the family.
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