Personal Ethics: The Characteristics Of Ethics And Ethical Leadership

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Ethics is the most important thing that helps us to become professional leaders. To begin with, we define ethics as the way how one should act (normative ethics), how to choose the right things to do, and how we can implement these choices (descriptive ethics), and studies the way that human beings should properly live. It is also referred to morality, and it is the aspect of ethics that we refer to as personal integrity. We can interpret ethics by asking ourselves how we should act and what person should I be, and what should I do. Being an ethical leader is the most important thing in our lives and in management when I hopefully become the manager of my own company. There are a certain number of ways of how I will get into the habit of making ethical decisions to demonstrate ethical leadership and I will be using five of those characteristics. Firstly, I should treat people fairly and justly as a leader. I will treat them equally, and based on their roles or character, gender, etc. Secondly, I should give respect to all my customers and employees. In this situation, I will be kind to them…show more content…
One example is that I, as a management major and later on will be the manager of my own company, would have to manage all the accounts of the stakeholders in my company, meet the business’ expectations for behavior, set an example of suitable conduct for subordinates, and to decrease the inconsistency that frequently comes alongside the practice of ethics. Therefore, I should understand the Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and other rules and policies for customers to follow and for their ethical behavior – meaning that is considered normative discipline, the derivative of the word “norm.” Norms establish guidelines for determining the way we should act. These norms can be expressed in a situation that it appeals to certain values that would be promoted by acting in a certain
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