Personal Ethics: The Moral Life of Babies

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I believe that each of us is born with a moral compass, something that regardless of the ebb and flow of life, directs us in a subconscious manner. An individual's belief system is intricately constructed over time, by many extraneous factors. We are all models of clay, waiting to be molded into whatever is thrown our way. We often come around people practicing 'situational ethics' that is resorting to only those principles that seem most favorable for a particular situation. In my point of view, ethics ought to be derived from stability. There should be some unyielding values inside each person that should steer him or her in a certain direction, regardless of what a situation demands. If one condemns lying but lies to get out of a particularly sticky situation, one may actually succeed in averting trouble, but this reveals more about one's character than originally considered. Forestalling the scenario once may be a petty triumph, but it surely would not cushion a person's sense of dignity, and that would be too big a price to pay for momentary comfort. And that is ultimately what it all comes down to: the price of decisions. Our life is festooned with endless trade-offs. And we often find ourselves making decisions that are easier to make without once considering how cheap it renders our character! But I strongly believe that to have your heart in the right place and to harbor good intentions is the ultimate step to establishing an ethical nature. The crux of my
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