Personal Expectations And Definitions Of Success

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Emily R. Berman
Sociology 220
Professor Waren
Success: Gendered Expectations and Definitions Oscar Wilde once said, "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result." I propose to study the science of success in that I further study the definitions of success by gender. It is an in-depth study of success itself and what drives men and women to their successes and how they have succeeded. The value of this research is that it will show how people think of success without researcher bias, and it will demonstrate similarities and differences in the definition of success between men and women, and therefore their motivations in achieving success. It will show how companies, organizations, institutions, and structures (family, etc.) assist or inhibit the pursuit of success. Various companies, institutions, organizations and social structures can use this information about success. By examining how men and women were successful in their careers, and what drove them to success, people can use this research to teach workers, students, families, and individuals to emulate these behaviors/success criteria.
Literature Review
Many researchers have studied success in many various formats. They have researched success through careers, financial/economics, education, religion and well-being. This is an account of five sources and their research findings across each of these categories.
Heilman,Wallen, Fuchs and Tamkins researched…

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