Personal Experience: A Career in the Medical Field

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Like everything else in life, my decision was gradual and time-consuming. However, being involved in the medical field was always something that I longed to do. Most other kids want to be a firefighter, police man, or President of the United States. For me I always knew that my heart belonged in the hospital. It all started in the 4th grade. That’s when I knew that being in the medical field is what I’ve always wanted to do. This day, my 4th grade teacher gave us an assignment while learning science. We were specifically learning about the heart and it’s 4 chambers. This subject, I remember, was so captivating and fascinating for me. I soaked in all the information I got from this class extremely easily. It was unlike any of the other classes that I have taken thus far. Math, literature and history were not subjects that I thought were very interesting for me but science was something that I especially excelled in. As the years went by I learned that I was especially had an interest in forensics. The ability to see the open body one-on-one in the fashion that forensics get to have contact with a body was more than interesting for me. So at the age of 12, I decided that forensics was what I was gonna put my mind to. The first thing I did was let my mother know that I finally have an idea of where I was going with my life. Unfortunately, she completely disliked the idea of me…
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