Personal Experience: A Social Pyschology Class

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Taking a course in social psychology has helped my understanding of what is going on in the world around me. As a psychology major, I’m intrigued to see each new concept present in my life somewhere. Coming to college allowed me to be around a lot more people and to seek out the things that I'm learning. Being a freshman, I am similar to everyone in their first year of college in my attempt to try to find myself and make new friends. However, “finding yourself,” seems like a nearly impossible task for someone like me because I'm not sure what I'm looking for. After being at college for a few months and taking an introductory psychology course, I became interested with introspection, which has led me to the self-perception theory. The self-perception theory is a one that suggests when people may be confused by what they are thinking or feeling they look at their behavior in order to understand themselves. This gives me a way to see how I'm acting which in turn interprets if I'm doing what I wish to be doing. For example, I’ve come to college with the biggest hope of finding some quality friends. I don’t really know if I'm actually seeking out good, new friends or if I am just friendly with people because that’s the norm for a college freshman. I have floor mates that I always eat with, spend my weekends with, and chat with daily. Seeing as I spend all of my time with these girls, and they seem to appreciate me, I assume that they really are some true friends that I have been
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