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Some people believe that you have to go to these great lengths to find courage or to figure out what they wanna do for their rest of their life, but that’s just not true. Take me for example. It took a three hour and seven-minute road trip with two of my closest friends to realize everything that I’ve been searching for. I know, I know, that is probably the corniest sentence you’ve ever read—but, it’s true. My path to self-realization starts Saturday at 10 a.m., a day after high school graduation; as in right now.
“Okay, I want you all to be safe! Make sure you wear your seatbelts, drive carefully. Do you guys have enough food?” My mom says, about to start her motherly checklist.
“Yes, mom. We know and we have everything we need” I say, giving her a hug before making my way to the beat up Lincoln Continental.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Park—“ Caleb begins, “— we’ll take good care of Melissa” and Adelaide added teasingly.
I look at my two long time friends and roll my eyes and let out a small laugh.
“Alright mom, I’ll see you in a few hours” I say as I sling the strap to my Nikon DSLR camera over my shoulder. Before I could get inside the car my mom grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me towards her.
“Honey, we talked about this” she said, pointing to my camera. Trying not to look hurt, I turned my gaze to the pavement before saying, “Yeah, I know mom. I just…I wanted to get some pictures of our road trip. Y’know for memories.” Before she could respond, I gave her quick kiss on the
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